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  • Dr Stem Speaks

    Renowned  Speaker , Coach, Talk Show Host Dr Stem “Life Plus” is a Vivacious, Upbeat Empowering Speaker and Coach.

    She focuses immensely on Success and Winning Mindset Building, spirituality, mindfulness and self-improvement.

    Dr Stem is popular for making the greatest impact on people’s minds with her presentation styles.

    Considered one of the best ‘REALTALK” female keynote speakers, her speeches are not lectures. She alternates between anecdotes and ideas with a mix of facts, examples, and stories.

    Her Goal

    Inspiring Individuals and Organizations to Build a Winning Mindset, Tell New Stories , Boost Self-Confidence and Become Unstoppable in life, career, and business.

    Some of her famous quotes include…

    “We Only Live Once,  Make Every Second Count”
    “The Buck Stops with You, When You Change Everything Changes”
    “Change Your Story Change Your Whole Life”
    “Nothing and No One Can Get in the Way of a Made Up Mind- Nothing and No One”

    What to Expect In Her Workshops, Seminars & Talks

    Powerful Actionable Takeaways

    Get ready for the powerful combination of uplifting motivation with strong actionable takeaways!

    All Talks are Customized

    All materials are customized based on a pre-event call with your team!

    Experienced Expert on Story Telling and Confidence Boost

    Dr. Stem, has been dubbed LIFE PLUS and has spoken on many stages as Key note and guest expert on change, motivation and living a free and fearless life.

    Rave Reviews from Participants and Hiring Organizations

    Standing ovations and rave reviews from former participants and hiring organizations

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