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    Bounce Back Empowerment Virtual Conference

    3rd Annual Bounce Back Empowerment Conference Dec 17th 2022

    Join Dr Stem alongside other powerful presenters, Live Online at the 3rd Bounce Back Empowerment Conference December 17th,  2022. You’ll experience sacred “aha” moments and have the opportunity to be inspired by many different Inspirational, Empowerment Thought leaders all in one place. Awesomeness!!!

    * Free eGift Basket will be given to all registered participants 

    * Free 3 month Replay access given to all registered participants

    Enjoy The Bounce Back Theme Song here: 

    Women SelfCare Success Empowerment Workshops

    There is strength in numbers and the woman who surrounds herself and works alongside other strong women, becomes a stronger woman.

    Our women selfcare success empowerment workshops. The workshops are designed to create a space to learn, get clarity, reconnect, restore, and rebuild.

    We provide an opportunity to learn with and from women from all walks of life.  the Women Selfcare Success Workshops are curated to share thoughts, ideas, and connect with other women on an emotional, spiritual and business level.

    We believe in empowering our members, building their strengths, and confidence to start and run successful businesses, careers and lives.

    We believe given the tools and support every women can easily create and live a healthy, happy wealthy lifestyle.

    SelfCare Workshops

    Personal Growth and Self Discovery

    SelfCare Empowerment Workshops

    Join us as we embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery by giving you the tools to increase your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth on your quest for self-love. Our goal is to provide ways to encourage you to express your individuality through beauty regimens that will give you self-confidence and ultimately increase your self-love to enjoy life to the fullest healthy, happy and wealthy.

    Workshops Topics include but not limited to the following:

    • Self Esteem and Self Confidence
    • Stress Management
    • Coping with self -blame
    • Self-Sabotage and Limiting Beliefs
    • 10 Common Types of Fear and how to overcome them
    • Understanding Mental Health and Women
    • AND MORE!!!!

    Business Success Empowerment Workshops

    "Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it." - Maya Angelou."

    • 50 ways to crush the things that are keeping you from happiness and success
    • CEO Mindset: How to Identify and Clear All the Fears & Blocks Holding You Back from Reaching Your Next Level
    • 21 days to Gratitude for more abundance and clarity
    • Brain Optimization – How to think Better, Be more Productive and age Smarter starting Today
    • How to develop a life changing lasting abundance mindset
    • From Negative Beliefs to Positive Lasting Success, happiness and Wealth
    • Money Empowerment Bootcamp: How to Release Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs to Create an Elevated CEO Mindset
    • AND MORE

    Let's work together

    Are you a Trainer, Speaker with a workshop to Share?

    We are Looking for Transformational Workshop Presenters who are able to bring workshops and topics that transform participants lives, helping with tools to help build more on who they are and who they are becoming. 

    We strive to bring guest Presenters who are:





    If you are interested in becoming a Guest Workshop Presenter Please contact us for more information.